Physical Armed Forces Preparation

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Physical Armed Forces Preparation

When you qualify the current armed forces fitness test point out what is testing, where it fails and what soldiers can due to max the test without creating a muscle imbalance or hurting their back, shoulders an knee which are all common aliments among our service men and women.

I am sure all of the soldiers appreciate with this advice. But every body have to know a different type of forces available in a every country.I mean to say that different type physical test is also available in the forces, Sit-ups, Running, Push-ups, Long jump. Beem ete.

"World you analyze the current Armed Forces Fitness Test, point out what it is testing, where it fails, and what soldiers can due to max the test without creating a muscle imbalance or hurting their back, shoulders, and knees, which are all common aliments among our service man and women? I am sure all of the soldiers out there appreciate your advice.

This one is for all you soldiers who want to learn everything you need to know about preparing for the Army Fitness Test.

What is the Armed Forces Physical Fitness Test?

The Armed Forces Physical Fitness Test, also known as the , designed to test the fitness of soldiers. A test of your muscular strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness is conducted by scoring you on 3 separate events:

a) push-up completed with your upper arms at least parallel to the ground.

a) sit-up completed with your upper body rising to a vertical position, with your neck over your spine

a) tow-mile run.

You are scored on your performance in the APFT by adding up the total number of points in each of the 3 events. Scoring is based on gender, age category, and number of repetitions you perform for the push up and sit-up, plus run time.

If you're an active soldier, you are required to take the APFT at least twice a year, and if you’re a reserve soldier, you must test at least once per year.

How to Prepare for the Armed Forces Physical Fitness Fitness Test

With proper workouts, you can maximize your ability to succeed at the APFT est. For most males to be optimally prepared, you should be able able to do 60-75 push-ups in two minutes, 65-80 sit-ups in two minutes, and colck in at13 to 14:30 minutes for your two-mile run. For a female, be ready for 30-45 push-ups, 65-80 sit-ups and a 15:30-18:00 time for a two-mile run.


Strength and muscular endurance in your chest and shoulders are just one component of the push-up. for example, if you drop and do 20, and find that your arms don’t get tired, but your low back is saggir or your abs are hurting, you likely have issues with a weak core. If your shoulders sag or drop, you like have weak scapula and upper back muscles. If your upper body does not get tired during the push-ups, but your legs feel unstable, you likely have weak quadriceps or hip muscles.

Planking exercises (especially side and front plank) Upper back exercises (pull-ups and seated rows) Quadriceps and hip exercise (lunges and squats) Push-ups. There is no better training for your upper body APFT preparation than push-ups. However rather than simply doing the standard push-up, you can do harder variations of the push-up that will make the standard version seem easy.


There are 3 possible areas that can get tired or cramped when you’re competing a high number of sit-up - your hip flexor muscles on the front of your legs, your neck, and of course, your abdominals.

Because of this, your sit-up preparation routine should include:

Hip flexor stretching (Lunging hip flexor stretch) Neck strengthening, which can be done by using a towel for resistance and moving your head in all four directions Sit-ups. Similar to push-ups, there is no better training for your sit-up APFT preparation than sit-ups.


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 मस्तिस्क एवं तंत्रिका तंत्र
 मूत्र एवं किडनी संबंधी रोग
 पेट के रोग
 लिवर एवं गालब्लेडर
 नेत्र सम्बंधित तकलीफे
 श्वसन तंत्र
 मासपेसियो एवं अस्थियो के जोड़
 सामान्य रोग
 बाल त्वचा एवं नाख़ून
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 स्त्री रोग

When a DR. ADITYA advised me that in witch procedure I can qualify a military physical preparation than I can join. Thanks Doctor.

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